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By Susan McCrossin

The general approach to learning difficulties in the West is either to medicate or prescribe exercises to be done in perpetuity. But there is another solution.

While the Western world works in a biomechanical model, the East has for the last 2000 years worked in an energetic model. Meaning that Western medicine addresses trauma that requires surgery or drugs for example in treating a bacterial infection with antibiotics. While Eastern medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine works in the energy body addressing long term constitutional weaknesses.

Based on various research studies done by Professor Kim Bong Han, French researcher Pierre De Vernejoul, Dr Harold Burr, Dr Shafica Karagulla and others there are several observations consistent with all their findings.

It appears that the holographic meridian system, also called etheric or subtle matter, develops before the organs in fetal development and is the ‘blueprint’ for how the physical body develops. It has the ‘code’ for the development and repair of the physical body. It is the blueprint for the salamander limb which allows a new one to grow if the existing limb is severed. It works with the genetic material of the cells that molecular biology researched over the last decades. In fact the physical body cannot exist without the energy body and if the etheric body is perturbed then physical disease follows.

This etheric body is not normally visible to the naked eye in the same way as radio and x-rays are part of the unseen universe and were not perceivable until the appropriate technology was developed to make it visible.

In the Chinese Meridian acupuncture system, classically practitioners were taught to ‘see’ the meridians and thus able to perceive disturbances in its flow. The flow of energy is similar to plumbing pipes that need to have an even flow of water, or in the meridians chi, and the acupuncture points are like valves that regulate the flow so that by needling the points flow can be increased or decreased to keep the flow even throughout the body. Thus maintaining the correct amount of chi for each organ which keeps the organ healthy.

Western medicine is familiar with the use of acupuncture to treat pain or as a surgical analgesic but they often confuse the chi of the meridians as a way of affecting nerve stimulation when in fact they are completely unrelated. Thus they become dismissive when they can’t find a connection between acupuncture and the nervous system because there is none.

Kim’s studies used radioactive p32, a phosphorus isotope, injected into the acupoints of rabbits and followed the flow into surrounding tissue. With microautoradiography he discovered that the P32 traveled along the path of the classical acupuncture meridians whilst the tissue immediately adjacent to the meridians showed no trace. Showing that the meridian and vascular networks were quite independent.

Similar studies were done in humans by De Vernejoul with gamma-camera imaging and the same results were observed. Fluids within the meridians were commonly found to flow in the same direction as the blood and lymphatic systems while in some circumstances they were found to travel in the opposite direction, showing they are not part of those structures. It suggested that the meridians are formed earlier than the other circulatory networks and provide the spatial guides or ‘blueprint’ for the physical structures.

The acupuncture system appears to be the link between the etheric and physical body – an interface if you like. Therefore the integrity of the meridian system is critical to the health and maintenance of the body and is the key to disease intervention and early disease detection well before it reaches an acute condition.

It is also crucial for organizing brain function and enabling all to have the ability to think clearly and learn easily. With the Crossinology Brain Integration Technique, using this etheric body it is possible to alter the routing in the brain so that when information comes in through the eyes or ears it is sent to the correct location with the right timing.  Suddenly you are able to interpret what is being taught in any situation and school becomes enjoyable!

Suggested reading – Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, M.D.


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