“I just got 10 out of 10 on a spelling test.”
Wouldn’t you like to hear your child come home from school excited about that?

Sadly, for children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or dyslexia taking a spelling test—or performing any task such as reading, math or chores at home—can be a challenge.

Do you, your child or someone you love, struggle with a learning disability?

Open the pages of Breaking the Learning Barrier: Eradicating ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia and read about the life-changing results author Susan McCrossin, A.P. has achieved for her patients with learning disabilities.

Explore the Drug-Free Alternative Treatment for ADD, ADHD and Dyxlexia

This book is dedicated to all children and adults who have been seeking a drug-free alternative for treating learning disabilities. You’ll read about the Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique—a non-invasive neuropressure treatment that has been proven to eliminate learning disabilities in as little as eight hours.

Discover how this amazing process gets to the root of the problem and brings about permanent change. Achieve success in school . . . enhance your financial potential . . increase your personal happiness and self-confidence.

You, or someone you love, can overcome ADD, ADHD or dyslexia and live a joyful and productive life. Inside this book you’ll find out how:

  • Christopher went from barely getting a score of 50% on a math test to scoring 100%. See page 12.
  • Taylor, at ten years old, went Ritalin-free. See page 45.
  • Seventeen-year-old Kyle and ten-year-old Alex are living a drug-free, attention-deficit-free life. See page 48.
  • Crossinology Brain Integration Technique works. See page 72.
  • Julie went from the bottom of her class to the top in six months. See page 83.
  • And more.


“Christopher brought home his latest math score yesterday. He scored 100 percent . . . . This from a child who used to barely get 50 percent. His confidence is soaring. Thank you.”