Experience Permanent, Life-Changing Results in As Little as Eight Hours

how-longAfter years of stumbling blocks, despair and discouragement, wouldn’t you like to eliminate the stress that comes with a learning difficulty? Imagine a life where you—or someone you love—can focus and pay attention, read without hesitation and rid yourself of learning problems for good.

You might ask, “How long does the Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique take?” That’s a common question. And, depending on your needs, this drug-free treatment can take between eight to twelve hours. You may attend a few sessions over two to three days or spread it out over a longer period of time, if necessary.

Do You Have Small Children Who Have Trouble Focusing?

If you have small children who have trouble being still, wouldn’t it be a relief to see their attention span improve, their communication skills heightened and their inner lights start to shine—not only for them, but for you as well? For children ages five through eight, it’s helpful to break up their appointments into shorter sessions.

For extremely small children and infants, half-hour appointments are recommended, with a break in-between.

Recalling simple facts, such as the current president or day of the week, became impossible. Making a shopping list or adding numbers was not manageable. . . She completed 10 sessions and regained her ability to learn and to function.” — Maxine K.