Are you a compassionate soul searching for a way to serve others while making a successful living at it? Want to make a difference in the lives of others?

Become a certified Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique practitioner and make a difference in people’s lives. As a practitioner of this alternative, drug-free treatment, you’ll bring about permanent change to your clients who struggle with ADD, ADHD or dyslexia.

The Crossinology Brain Integration Technique delivers a non-invasive, therapeutic neuropressure treatment for adults and children challenged by learning disabilities. It eliminates ADD, ADHD and dyslexia without the use of drugs like Ritalin or Adderall.

Imagine how good you’ll feel making a positive impact on your clients’ lives with a drug-free solution.

Are You Searching for a Fulfilling New Career Helping Others?

Whether you’re changing careers or looking for a new treatment for your existing practice, within eighteen months you can become a Crossinology practitioner.

Developer of the Crossinology Brain Integration Technique, Susan McCrossin is the only Crossinology instructor in the United States. She has been training practitioners in this method since 1993.

Through the Crossinology Institute, Susan offers a certification program that includes five weeks of training combined with hands-on practice. To become a certified Crossinology practitioner, you must satisfy the following requirements:

Once you have completed the requirements of the program, you’ll submit your last two case studies to Susan for her review. She will share your progress with the Advisory Board and upon receiving their approval, you’ll be presented with a certificate acknowledging that you’ve successfully completed the program and are a qualified, certified Crossinology practitioner.

Graduates may also take advanced programs to further their training in Muscle ReActivation, Advanced Brain Integration Technique and Brain Physiology. These classes are offered annually and are not required for certification.

Ready to Become a Crossinology Practitioner?

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