Enhance Your Skills as a Crossinology® Practitioner

When you want to move your practice forward and take your therapeutics skills to a higher level, The Crossinology Institute offers three advanced trainings. Choose from:

1. Brain Physiology*
This is a three-day class that explores all the Applied Physiology: Brain Physiology formats. You’ll explore techniques for de-stressing brain glands, the limbic system and motor cortex.

2. Advanced Brain Integration Technique*
This is a two-day program that covers de-stressing working memory training, the reticular activating system, brain stem and cerebellum.

3. Muscle ReActivation
This three-day class addresses how to reactivate muscles that are causing physical pain (e.g. back, neck, shoulder, hip, or knee pain). Treatment for these pain issues assumes that there is no structural problem (e.g. detached ligament or tendon, dislocated joint or rib).

This class may be taken after the Pre-requisite Kinesiology Training (Pre-BIT) has been completed. However, you will have had to complete some case studies prior to this class to demonstrate your proficiency with muscle monitoring.

* Completion of the Crossinology Brain Integration Technique program is a pre-requisite for this class.