Book Susan McCrossin to Speak At Your Next Conference

Susan McCrossin, A.P. has spoken at large national and international kinesiology conferences, The Aspen Institute and a number of hospitals around the country. She has appeared on radio and television programs, been quoted in magazines and newspapers as well as written articles for international specialty magazines on the topic of the learning disabilities, why they exist and how they can be resolved.

A moving 30-minute presentation, “How the brain learns and why some people can’t learn” is popular among parents, teachers and the public at large.

A 45-60 minute presentation, “The science and research behind Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique” is popular among physicians, neuroscientists and other medical professionals.

When you’re seeking an inspirational speaker, knowledgeable about learning difficulties and proven ways to overcome them, contact Susan. She may be reached by contacting the Crossinology Institute here.