Practitioner Name:
Kathy Liebman
Advanced BIT, Brain Physiology, Muscle ReActivation

KATHYIt has always been this way. Seemingly opposing forces flowing into one another respectfully and cooperatively is the recipe of creation and the essence of every power at our disposal. If this sounds too far out there to wrap your mind around, just try putting your socks on with two right hands or two left hands. You quickly discover that it is the combination of two hands approaching the same goal from opposite directions that allows us to put on our socks most efficiently and effectively. The greatest approaches to healing therapies that I have encountered are those that employ the vast resources of learnings and wisdoms from the east and the west, the north and the south, the modern and the ancient, the spiritual and the scientific.

In the West we have long understood our physical presence from a chemical and structural point of view. Our anatomy and physiology are a complex organization of operations which has been studied right down to the exact energy frequency of each hormone, mineral, enzyme, and metabolic pathway. We are only beginning to experiment with the possibilities this vast and detailed knowledge affords us. On the other hand, we have accumulated only vague, and often opinionated, understandings of the complexities of our psycho-emotional and spiritual presence. The interplay between our physical functions, our mental operations, and our spiritual faculties are, by and large, still a mystery.