Practitioner Name:
Tara Pankoski
Advanced BIT, Brain Physiology, Muscle ReActivation

TaraPicHello, my name is Tara Pankoski. I am a mother to three joyous children and have been the wife of a United States Air Force Officer for twelve years. In addition to being a mom and a wife I have a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Furthermore, I am a certified Crossinology BIT (Brain Integration Technique) Practitioner and a certified Reiki Master/Teacher.

During the last eight years I have been frustrated with the lack of options for effective holistic treatments for a variety of health matters. This is when I stumbled upon Crossinology BIT for my family and was truly shocked at the results. Check out my testimonial for a more in-depth look at what I went through. If you are looking for a real life approach to a healthier lifestyle than I am confident this is your solution.

My mission is to bring an effective alternative, non-invasive holistic approach to western medicine.

My Personal Testimony

From the beginning of my son‰Ûªs life he had nothing but health issues with his breathing, chronic ear infections, and chronic sinus infections. Every month he was on antibiotics for each infection and never seemed to get healthy.

I found out years later that his health issues were due to allergies. These allergies led him to be on three medications daily along with nebulizer treatments and weekly allergy shots.

In addition to his health my son also suffered from undiagnosed ADD. From the time he was two we noticed his inability to follow directions, the constant ‰ÛÏdeer in the headlight‰Û stare and the feeling he was just not listening.

Little did we know that changing his diet, making charts, etc. would not work for him. He simply could not process information given to him. The information he received was always misrouted and mistimed.

As part of the Crossinology Brain Integration Technique (BIT) protocol my son‰Ûªs allergies were eliminated. After the first appointment he stopped all medication and allergy shots. He has not been sick since. However, the best part is that Crossinology BIT gave him the ability to focus, process information, gained self confidence and so much more.

This is why I had to pursue this revolutionary form of therapy. Crossinology BIT has been truly amazing and something I knew I had to follow and do‰Û_.. Be the answer to someone else‰Ûªs hopes for their life or the life of someone they love.