Practitioner Name:
Tammie Bartlett
Advanced BIT, Brain Physiology, Muscle ReActivation

tammieI am Tammie Bartlett, your practitioner. Just so we can get acquainted, I wanted to tell you a bit about myself. I have been married for 28 years to my high school sweetheart, who is retired from the Air Force. We have 3 sons, who were my ultimate inspiration for pursuing Brain Integration work. All three of them provided us with challenges, as the oldest is gifted, academically, but presented us with social/emotional issues. Our second son encountered a virus when he was 3 å_ and became developmental disabled with uncontrolled seizures. Advocating for him and supervising his special education program has been, at minimal, a trying part-time job for the past 14 years. Our youngest has great potential but has had difficulty focusing on academic achievement. (Once integrated, though, his high school biology teacher actually pulled him aside and asked him, “What happened? You are acting like a serious student!”)

Education has always been a passion of mine, graduating valedictorian from high school, and Summa Cum Laude from UND. To decide if I would pursue a teaching certificate, I was a substitute teacher in Districts 11, 20 and 38 for three years. Seeing the dysfunction in the classroom, (behaviors are merely a symptom of an underlying issue), I knew I could make a difference. I began working with kinesiology (muscle testing) in 2005, being certified in Body Alignment Technique, which ultimately led me to study Crossinology’s Brain Integration Technique directly under Susan McCrossin, one of the co-developers. Working one-on-one allows me the opportunity to customize sessions, and alleviating the frustrations of learning difficulties is truly a joy. One of the aspects of this non-invasive, drug-free therapy that I like the most is that it allows anyone to achieve their full potential, even if the learning issue is a subtle one, or lifting depression or improving a relationship! Being able to process information with a balanced perspective just makes life a lot less stressful; the best gift you can give yourself!

“Changing the community, one brain at a time” is not a motto I take lightly. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference, and get chills each and every time I hear of clients’ successes. I truly look forward to working with you!

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