Practitioner Name:
Susan Batson, Lic.Ac, MaOM
Advanced BIT, Brain Physiology, Muscle ReActivation

susanragingriver-1024x849I‰Ûªll share about my professional background, as well as the windy personal path that led me here. I hope you enjoy reading my story, and that I get to hear yours sometime very soon!

The Short Story:

I was a research scientist and lecturer with a Harvard Ph.D. and a passion for learning that was not being fed by my day-to-day lab work. One day a friend suggested I get acupuncture

for my lower back pain. After giving it a try, I found that not only my back pain was better, but my digestion, energy and mood improved as well. The epiphany was as sudden as it has been fortuitous. Acupuncture and herbs. This was it. This was my life‰Ûªs work.