Practitioner Name:
Sue Preston
Advanced BIT, Brain Physiology, Muscle ReActivation

SUEGrowing up in the Midwest, I was largely influenced by my mother who was a self taught, ahead of her time health advocate. She helped open my eyes on how to live a healthy lifestyle and to not be afraid of alternative ways of doing things. While attending college in Ohio, I traveled to Colorado on a ski vacation and fell in love with the mountains and the sunshine. I settled here for the second time in 1993. After college I became a flight attendant for United Airlines where I met my husband of 20 years. When we had our first son I decided to quit flying.

Staying home to raise our boys my life had changed dramatically from my days of travel. Having the health and well-being of my family to look after, charged my passion for alternative and healthy modalities and therapies. Working at a preschool and volunteering in my boy’s schools over the years I was continually struck at how little was available for children with learning disabilities besides pharmaceuticals. It was heartbreaking to know these small children were being medicated just to get through the day.

I came across BIT and loved the fact that it used kinesiology. Working with health professionals over the years for some of my own health challenges, I was amazed at how accurate kinesiology is at assessing issues. It takes the guesswork out and lets the body tell you what it needs. Enrolling in classes with Susan McCrossin to learn Brain Integration Technique has been life changing. Working with my clients and seeing the amazing changes that have come about in school and personal lives brings me absolute joy and reinforces how powerful BIT can be in transforming lives.

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