Practitioner Name:
Melissa L Fields

Get to know us…

Brain Integration Technique is a way to take flight. A way to transform.

A way to realize your maximum potential.

When you go through the BIT process, you will see changes.

In your mental life, your emotional life, your physical life.

Whether you are a 58 year old woman struggling with menopause and divorce…

a financial advisor with memory issues…a child with dyslexia…

a brain injured client…or one suffering with anxiety and post traumatic stress…

BIT can help!

Here is a little about Melissa…

Before coming to this incredibly rewarding field, I was in education for 10 years. I taught students from preschool to 8th grade in various capacities, including whole class, reading remediation and gifted education. I conducted school wide testing and placed students in special services. I also contracted with the Arizona Department of Education as a Capacity Building Coach for many years and served on the advisory committee for the Arizona state legislator for a bill concerning students with disabilities.

Through these experiences I consistently observed students struggling with learning and/or behavior problems that didn‰Ûªt seem to respond to medication, various teaching techniques, or remediation. Part way through my graduate courses I knew there was something missing that I had not yet learned that could help these students.

I have found BIT to be that missing link for many people – adults and children alike. I began studying BIT in 2010. Soon after I opened my first practice, Northern Arizona Brain Integration in 2011 with Jasmine Castigliano on Grove Avenue in Prescott, AZ. In 2014 I saw the need to expand my practice to include the Phoenix metropolitan area as well, and opened my current practice, NueroBella Brain Integration. I currently see clients in both my Prescott and Phoenix offices.

Through the last few years I have seen life changing transformation in my own life, and that in my clients. I feel continually blessed to be in a field that impacts the lives of others.

Please feel free to call or email with questions, or to schedule an assessment. I would love to talk with you!