Practitioner Name:
Laura Fields
Advanced BIT, Brain Physiology

Laura Fields

laurawebpicI was introduced to Brain Integration Technique (BIT) in May of 2009. I was moved by the profound possibilities this technique provides for individuals with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and emotional trauma. My background in education and the 14 years I spent teaching fourth grade, gifted education, and developmentally delayed children, gives me keen insight into children with learning difficulties. Brain Integration Technique provides the perfect alternative for those children and adults who all to often fall through the cracks and face life challenges that can be debilitating. I am now a member of the Crossinology Board which provides guidance to the Crossinology Brain Integration community. This depth of experience makes a difference for my clients. The excitement I feel having found this technique has changed my life. I so enjoy helping my clients discover their true potential and personal success!