Practitioner Name:
Kim Kobayashi
Muscle ReActivation

KIMCommunication. Understanding. Expression. These elements have always been important to me. Having been inspired by interpreters for the deaf, I pursued a degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington. Then a few years later, I began a 20-year journey of homeschooling our 4 children. My conviction was this: ‰ÛÏThey need to learn math. Teach them to read, and teach them the love of learning. Then they can do anything!‰Û

What I didn‰Ûªt realize is that millions of people struggle with learning difficulties. Reading is not easy, not fun. Learning is hard. Math is elusive. I set out to help a friend teach her daughter, and ended up tutoring children with dyslexia for four years. My compassion for their struggle, and my desire to help, drove me to research what is known about dyslexia and other learning issues. This is when I discovered Crossinologyå¨ Brain Integration Technique (BIT). I read Susan McCrossin‰Ûªs research, explanation and documented results, and felt like I had found the missing link! I was determined to be part of the solution. If people‰Ûªs brains could be restored to a state of learning normally, then that is where my energy should be spent.

My conviction is still the same, but with one addition: ‰ÛÏIf you start with an integrated brain, you will learn math. You will learn to read. You will love to learn, and you WILL BE ABLE to do anything in life that you set your mind to.‰Û

Kim Kobayashi

Certified BIT Practitioner