Practitioner Name:
Joellen DiLibero
Brain Physiology

I was a hair designer for 17 year when in August 1995 my life changed. My husband and I were stopped at a red light when a truck rammed into the back of our car. The side of my right head smashed against the dashboard. I had a severe concussion and 2 weeks later had an outside layer brain hemorrhage. I would go from one neurologist to the next trying to find out why I could not remember past events and would get a severe headache trying to do a simple math equation in my head. Years passed, nothing changed and I was left with knowing something was wrong with me but it must just be in my head. Yes, it was in my head and in Dec. 2007 my son and I flew out to Colorado and had our brain integrated by Susan McCrossin. I remember the second night after having integration work done, waking up in the middle of the night because pictures of my children when they were little were popping up inside my head. I could do math in my head without getting a headache and felt alive again. My son who is dyslexic, also had great changes. When I met with his teachers in March for parent-teacher meeting every teacher said, “I do not know what has happened to him since the December break but he is soaring in my class.”

I had something deep in my soul, that was telling me that I had to go learn this technique to help others. I am grateful everyday that someone told me about Susan and love my new work as a Brain Integration Practitioner, to change lives as my son and my life were changed.