Practitioner Name:
Jasmine Castigliano, B.A. Ed.
Muscle ReActivation

JASMINECertified Teacher and Brain Integration Practitioner

Few things in life bring the sense of joy and accomplishment that comes with teaching. Fortunately, I’m good at it too. Bowling and singing, not so much..but teaching, yes. I can confidently say I am a good teacher. During the time that I was a classroom teacher, pretty much every year would start out the same. I had over thirty kids start out the year with me, usually three quarters of them starting below grade level. I would pour my heart and soul into them. I would devise individual learning plans for them whether they were in special education classes or not. I went workshops, did research, implemented occupational therapy into reading groups…if it showed promise of helping my kids I did it. For the most part, my students flourished. At the end of every year, almost all of them would be above grade level, confident and well-rounded as I tearily handed them over to their next year’s teacher. However, there were always TWO. Those two, who after hours and hours of hard work, sweat, dedication, hours and hours of effort, still were not progressing.If you looked at the data in numbers, I was successful. I had a very high percentage of children achieving their goals. But when I put the data down, and I looked at those TWO…I didn’t feel successful at all. Those two mattered just as much as the other thirty.

So I went to more workshops, read more research. Finally, thankfully, I found Brain Integration.

At first I was skeptical. I knew how hard I had worked in my classroom. How could it be that in around fifteen hours it could do what all my hard work for an entire year couldn’t do? But then I saw for myself, during one of my first case studies, that little light turn on…and then I heard him read with a fluency that had never been his before. I saw his little chest swell with pride, and his smile grow. And so did mine.

Since then I have seen it happen over and over again. I may not have over thirty kids in my charge at one time anymore, but the sense of joy and accomplishment that comes with knowing that each person that leaves my office is fully integrated…knowing that they now have at their disposal every gift that was rightfully theirs since birth…that joy is indescribable.