Practitioner Name:
Greg Sletager
OhIo, Oregon, Washington
Advanced BIT, Brain Physiology, Muscle ReActivation


The Brain Integration Center utilizes the comprehensive system of Crossinology‰Ûªså¨ Brain Integration Technique (BIT) to help children and adults regain their natural optimal brain functioning.

The human brain is a complex system, whose peak function can be compromised by a wide range of stresses and injuries. Physical injury, emotional trauma, genetics, environmental conditions, and life stresses are all capable of significantly reducing the brain‰Ûªs ability to operate properly.

BIT is a revolutionary stress management process that improves the flow of information in the brain with no drugs or surgery. We treat each client with a program designed for his or her unique goals.This relaxing, non-invasive therapy is based on applied physiology and acupressure and is a drug-free alternative for the correction of ADD, ADHD and dyslexia.

BIT non-invasively corrects neuro-pathway misrouting, improper timing, and blockages of information flow that create problematic symptoms.

Utilizing scientific principles of Applied Kinesiology and acupressure, Brain Integration treatment has been shown to improve many functions, including:


‰Û¢ Memory, concentration and attention

‰Û¢åÊMath, spelling, reading and writing

‰Û¢åÊVision Performance

‰Û¢åÊStress management

‰Û¢ Emotional control

‰Û¢ Self-management, multi-tasking and social interaction abilities

‰Û¢åÊPhysical performance and coordination

‰Û¢ Reduction in the effects of trauma and phobias

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