Practitioner Name:
Emily Glaser, RN, BSN
New Mexico

EMILYBrain Integration Technique corrects the mis-routing and improper timing of information being sent to the brain and clears blocks in specific pathways between right and left hemispheres. This technique offers a life changing, consciousness-raising experience that results in improved creativity, greater learning ability, enhanced behavioral attitudes and better physical coordination. Grades, behavior, attention span, work productivity and relationships can all dramatically improve!

Who can benefit from Brain Integration?

  • Anyone that hasåÊtrouble focusing.
  • Anyone suffering fromåÊADD/ADHD or dyslexia and wants a medication free solution
  • Anyone who wants theåÊexperience of school and/or work to be less stressful and upsetting
  • Anyone wanting betteråÊcommunication and social skills
  • Anyone who wants to be happier and more emotionally stable

The brain is built to learn. Learning and thinking require access to a combination of intricate functions throughout the brain and are dependent on the integration and simultaneous processing of information in both hemispheres. Learning difficulties are a result of blockage in neural pathways of the brain. It is a circuitry issue and has nothing to do with intelligence.

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