Practitioner Name:
Theresa Haley
Advanced BIT, BIT, Brain Physiology, Muscle ReActivation

Theresa has a diverse background, having worked nearly 20 years as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA-AAMA) in medical offices, followed by teaching both adults and youth before finding Crossinologyå¨ Brain Integration Technique (BIT).åÊ It was in these earlier occupations that she was first truly exposed to people dealing with learning challenges.åÊ A pediatric medical practice in which she worked had a physician who sub-specialized in special needs.åÊ It was there that Theresa first gained understanding, respect, and admiration for the children and their families of the obstacles they encountered and struggled daily to overcome.åÊ While working at this practice, she took advantage of the opportunity to teach medical office skills to adults at Front Range Community College.åÊ There she was often baffled, yet further inspired by those she taught who lived with Traumatic Brain Injury.åÊ It was in response to these exposures that she decided to pursue a degree in Special Education.

During her Special Education course work at Metropolitan State University of Denver, she engaged in field experience at a high school for youth at-risk, and was yet again struck by the struggles and challenges the students and their families faced.åÊ After completing her degree, she continued to work at this school, but felt limited in what she had to offer this population . . . until she attended a talk by Susan McCrossin, founder of Crossinologyå¨ BIT.åÊ The success stories and details shared during this presentation ‰Û÷set off bells and whistles‰Ûª as Theresa visualized the variety of students Crossinologyå¨ BIT would benefit and the positive changes it could bring to their lives, and potentially, those of their families. åÊShe felt compelled to complete the training herself so she could have greater impact helping people like those who had been inspiring her for so many years.

Theresa‰Ûªs aspiration is to continue to support youth labeled as at-risk through a (to be established) non-profit component of her practice that will provide funding to support these under-served students.åÊ As she works to meet this objective, she is happily helping others who will benefit from Crossinologyå¨ BIT.