Practitioner Name:
Amy Wheeler
Advanced BIT, Brain Physiology

crossinologyWhat is Brain Integration?

Crossinology Brain Integration (or BIT) is a non-invasive technique that uses acupressure to maximize an individual’s brain function.

Who is BIT for?

BIT can help a wide range of people. It can be exceptionally effective for adults or kids with labels such as: ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, auditory or sensory processing issues.


?However about a third of my clients are people who just want to improve how they function. They do BIT because they want to have better memory or organizational skills, or to diminish specific anxieties like public speaking or doing auditions.

Scroll down below to Client Testimonials to read how BIT helped some of my clients.

What is treatment like?

For most people, BIT takes 8-10 hours and is spread out over several sessions. After a brief initial assessment, I will work on you, gently touching acupressure points primarily on your head and abdomen. For most of the treatment you will be lying on a massage table or sitting at a table. Kids usually play with small toys or listen to audio books while I work on them.

?Crossinolgy BIT was invented by Susan McCrossin, who I studied with directly to receive the certification to perform the treatment. To see her website (it’s more extensive than mine and includes a few videos), go to