Practitioner Name:
Michelle Giles
St Louis
Advanced BIT, Brain Physiology, Muscle ReActivation

MICHELLEMy name is Michelle Gmeiner Giles and InDepth Therapies was founded to help others achieve their optimal potential. Like peeling the layers of the onion or diving into the depth of our being, these therapies are the catalyst to heal from the inside out. With this core work, we are infusing our past experiences with a positive response.

What I love most is that these therapies are body centered. Meaning that your body, your subconscious mind informs the therapist on what needs to be corrected. Your conscious mind does not need to dig up past memories and work through the old emotions on a conscious level for this therapy to be effective and permanent.

After receiving my B.S. in 1996, my path of self discovery and my passion for alternative medicine and acupuncture took off. I became nationally certified in Massage and Bodywork in 2001. And began practicing muscle activation at home in 2002, I received my certification in the Brain Integration Technique in 2009, Integrated Healing in 2010 and completed my Yoga Teacher Training in 2010. Being a wife and mother of two children, as well as my experience has prepared me to be your facilitator and it is my joy and honor to be your witness as you embark on this journey.

Thank you to Kary Bannister for help with the marketing materials; Tom Becker for the photography of the Chihuly Glass Exhibit and water reflection pictures; Guinevere Lorenz for the personal photography, recommendations, referrals and much more; Kathy Liebman for her expertise, wealth of information and friendship; Rhonda Mills for passing along the wisdom of the tantric tradition; Mathilda van Dyk developing and teaching a whole and complete module of healing; Susan McCrossin for teaching the brain integration technique; Barb Myers for introducing me to Applied Physiology; Holly Pinto for teaching massage therapy; Parents, husband, children and friends who have been there for me through the whole journey…Thank You!

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